Anyway, just to keep things as simple as possible, IТm going to be sticking to one

Anyway, just to keep things as simple as possible, IТm going to be sticking to one teaching tradition: the Egyptian teachings, which are known as the Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Rites of Isis.Hello and welcome ...

I'm Ishtar of Ishtar's Gate .

Here we enjoy researching the ritual, mystic and shamanic practises of our ancient ancestors through archaeology and mythology.

I'm a shaman and the author of of Lord of the Dance, a book about the teachings of the Indian shamans (Vedic rishis) which I studied while in India at the ashram of Sai Baba.

The ancient rishis found that the whole creation sprang from a primordial sound - Aum - and that matter is, in fact - at the heart of the atom - pure sound vibrating at various frequencies, which is why mantras are so powerful.

[For a deeper and fuller explanation, please watch this trailer for a new DVD on the raga art form Raga Unveiled ]

So I've come to feel that if music doesn't heal you or raise your consciousness, it has no right to be in the room. But of course, one man's cacophony is another man's harmony.

Today's article

The Sacred Sex Rites of Isis

My spirit guides have been telling me for a couple of weeks now that itТs time to go up a gear Ч that we need to start moving up on the spiral, otherwise weТll be going round and round in circles.

I must admit, I have been resisting slightly Ч well, more than slightly. In fact, I was thinking that if I start talking about this, IТll be banned from Last FM!!. However, I am now realising that my guides are right and talk about it we must.

So with these opening paragraphs, IТm sending a very clear signal that IТm going to be talking now about sex and although I wonТt be describing in detail any specific sex acts, I will be talking very frankly and there wonТt be any polite metaphors like fountains erupting and rockets going up. A spade will be called a spade. So if this unacceptable to you, you might want to stop reading now.

End of Health Warning.

First of all, I will clear the ceremonial ground with this introduction.

Most people come into this world and never ever know what theyТre here for. They are born, they live their lives and then they die Е without ever once even picking up the slightest hint about what the human body is for.

My guru says:

"This life is just a bridge between one world and another. DonТt build a house on it."

I expressed this truth a month or so ago in the metaphorical short story (or myth) that I wrote about The Prince of Persia. If you havenТt read it, you may want to do so, and note particularly the bit about the Prince of Persia having a wife.

Soul mates are brought together for a reason. All their lives they have been preparing for each other. When they look back at different times in their lives they will see a new purpose to actions they have taken. Their lives take on a sense of oneness equaled by no other. Oneness of purpose, ambition, and love which can be a beacon to others along their spiritual paths. ~~Edgar Cayce~

So much of this teaching has been hidden for so long. The word СoccultТ means СhiddenТ. This teaching was only revealed to a few chosen initiates when it was part of the Mystery teachings (going back to at least 1900 BC). After that, for the past 2,000 years, it has been hidden by a church that has even forgotten it has hidden it, let alone which Vatican vault it's buried in.

But our ancestors understood this teaching about how to use sexual energies in a sacred way, and we are now piecing together what they knew.

We know about it in two ways. Firstly, through the few scraps of knowledge that have managed to survive in the ancient texts from the Egyptian, Celtic, Indian, Tibetan and Taoist spiritual traditions. Because, make no mistake, the love in this Indian Vedic image of Vishnu and Lakshmi is not the Greek СagapeТ, but СerosТ Ч or a rose by any other name. There is a reason that Lakshmi is sitting at VishnuТs feet. It is the same reason why Mary Magdelene uses her hair to dry JesusТs feet. This is an erotic act.

But really, none of those scraps of scriptural instructions have provided nearly enough information for us to completely resurrect these sacred sexual practises. And so a very few shamans like myself are being taught it from scratch by their spirit guides while in the shamanic state. So I am now able to explain this practice in simple terms. I can also state, quite categorically, that this isn't just a nice idea or a belief system or a matter of faith. This is a very specific practical application of a spiritual teaching and it works.

Anyway, just to keep things as simple as possible, IТm going to be sticking to one teaching tradition: the Egyptian teachings, which are known as the Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Rites of Isis. But which ever tradition they were from, all taught the same thing in similar ways, and here is the essence of the teaching.

First of all, think of an explosion of energies Ч like, say, a bomb.

Now think of that energy being turned inwards Ч in other words, an implosion of energies.

When a man ejaculates his sperm outwards, in that moment of love, beauty, magic and alchemy, a baby is created. In that explosion or sperm bomb, life on earth is created.

Now think of turning all that creativity and love and beauty inwards. In that implosion, a fractal process of negative numbers of particles takes place. Remember, in chaos theory, a negative plus a negative equals a plus. And so the plus that is created out of all that imploded love, beauty, magic and alchemy is never-ending life, eternity or infinity.

This imploding of energies is achieved by the practice of inner alchemy. By turning the sexual energies inwards, nectars which are already present, but that have been laying dormant in the body, are released or secreted. When this happens, the practitioner goes into spiritual ecstasy - it is an incredible, wonderful feeling that is indescribable. But apart from the pleasure generated, by releasing these nectars into our bodies, we energise and build our MAGneticСkaТ bodies, just as Mary MAGdelene did.

The СkaТ body is the magnetic body that surrounds the physical human sheath. These СkaТ bodies are what power and give life to our physical human sheaths Е.and thus by powering our СkaТ bodies, we can live for hundreds of years in other dimensions. When the physical sheath dies, we just step out of it, like shrugging off an old overcoat, and step into our 'ka' bodies.

And what powers the СkaТ body is the СbaТ body or the soul. By powering the СbaТ body, we can have immortality or eternal life, in other dimensions. But that is Step Two, and so we'll leave that for later on.

But all of this is the true meaning of the chalice, the Holy Grael, the cup that overflowТeth, the Lily and the Rose, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Promised Land and Life Everlasting.

This is just the first post of the discussion about The Sacred Sex Rites of Isis that is running now on IshtarТs Gate .

If you would like to learn more, you can read more of the topic here

© Ishtar of Ishtar's Gate

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