Baby, next time, please

He rolled from her arms, tilted Shuidao in bed, hands open, right hand pressed that the knife was full of blood, the sheet is a large blood invasion. У

When boys and girls together, they are still students, they do not like all the school love it, graduated, broke up! With them, love the 3 years! In this 3-year period, so that they are deeply Yi Lianzhao each other every night boys like to sleep holding her tight! Gently kiss her forehead, he did not know what kind of approach can, to pamper her! Looked at her in his arms, sweet sleep.

this year, he was 24, and 23 of the girls! Girl said: We ought to get married!

New Year when the boys went to her home audience with her parents. Boy had no money, home and far, her mother does not agree: If you go out with him, do not in the back. GirlТs eyes full of tears, but he does not know how, and her mother, his future mother-in-say, can not contradict her, after all, this is his future mother. He did not know how to comfort her! Only out for three years, he will not have their own business, and no more money! TodayТs society.

you first go back! I must convince my parents, I immediately go out with you, except you, me who do not marry! Girl said with tears.

He fiddled with her forehead hair, kissed gently, holding her tightly. In the car left the small townТs station when the boy through the window, watching the door stood the station go away, blurred her, he did not know that it is she left him Ц the last figure.

he got back, every phone call, girls crying, he still does not know how to comfort her, he should say! He had no money, maybe do not give her a better life, better future. УIf we have two trees weТre having! Never long together, no one will come to control us, Уshe did not know at this time, he has tears in his eyes! (Time is ticking)

monthЕ..Ф MM, I think you УThe boy wanted to give her a little spiritual comfort, he suddenly heard the side of the phone is freezing cold answer.

УI think I can not go out with me I have to stay at home momФ

Уis not it! What about me? Then how do we do?Ф she had never used such a tone and spoken to him. УHow can I do? Break up!Ф

On so few simple dialogue, the phone hung up! The feelings of three years, is three sentences you can finish it? This is my MM it? Boy for the first time he has now left a person feeling lonely now that he is a man in his life, now left him a person. Disappeared before the half. He suddenly felt overwhelmed and empty.

phone call back in the past gave hung up, then shut down. Call back the past few days have been an empty number. Internet to find, the name is not in a previous call that she loves: Baby Bear MM had. Not online, give her a message! No message, then go, have nowhere to be found.

he does not believe his MM, who love him,Nike Air Jordan Melo m6, attached to his MM, so left him. Her parents must be forced to leave her own, she must be very painful. Because she was so hurt her loved ones, even more than hurt her own pain 100 times. That she is now definitely more painful than their own. Why did she have to be so cold to me? My MM ah 555555555555

from his depression, and alcoholism had. Drink drunk, drunk on Paowang Ba, listening to the Уmyth \ Back on their own in bed crying. He also thought about going to find her, but no money,, so look for her, give her what? But why this world can not have an innocent love it! He and she has pride, forever love the campus, clean love. Is that the world has changed her? Boy you want this love, but of five thousand years of feudal secular and social realities of money now, so he lost all, no more that he wanted Chun -chun, forever, and clean campus love. If in this life, and his love of the people can not be together is to have a whole world? Money really that important? IТm going to get back my previous MM, that lovely love my MM.

boy was so depressed. He is a school project to do the project, and he thought of himself to be a small boss, his embrace to find someone to do some work. Fate did not abandon him again a year later,nike zoom lebron iii for sale, he earned his luck before you can take 5 years to earn money. He thought, since you can continue to stay this way, not riches, but let people have a hard act to the. He can go to his MM, he wanted her family to her to marry him, he wanted her to become his former MM, that love him, and attachment to his MM.

2007 years or so of winter, the cold that he came to a small town in remote mountain areas. He found her.

she never thought he would come, but after the past year. Girls just met him she was overwhelmed, his eyes full of tears, leave him to die, he still thinner than before, the old long beard. This year, without her to care for him, did not she stay with him, he sadly the worse. His eyes seem not as bright, and is now filled with the melancholy, the old long hair, cut very long time, bake the bake chaos. Before that he was not the kind of, when every time he went out, all Haohao Di dress, her optimistic and we have to go out, and she always helped him on his good clothes, collar, and then reasonable grounds to his hair. Long hair is not to cut, he still will not take care of themselves. Boys do not know when girls see him again,And tears are the rain I do not know Е., what kind of expression, but also not as before, ran threw himself so that he held her in his arms, said she would like him. He just stood there looking silly girl, eyes full of tears already, and on my face. Very long time, and do not see her again, now standing in front of her, but also his former MM is it? That belongs to his MM.

girl threw herself into his arms, so that she could no longer bear it, and then buried her head to cry aloud his chest up, she was almost a long time are not so happy tears, desperate cry, the two hands tightly around his waist, and she had no time for anything. This is almost where he had the MM, she became that he had MM, and still so attached to him, can not do without him, in the year, how much she has endured the pain, and now she can put all grievances cried out. She felt she was sorry for him, obviously you love, but also to hurt him so deeply, there is nothing to hurt their loved one more painful thing? He is a man to bear the pain, and she was going to bear the suffering of two people. He can enjoy the pain in bed crying, and her family , before the pain was still pretending to look like if nothing had happened.

This is wronged he suffered a year of MM, now in his arms burst into tears,Vince Carter Basketball Shoes, his hands around her thin force of the shoulder, forced her from time to time the Chezhu his skirt, or hand force of the hammer in his chest, his tears drip from time to time in her head.

УWhy do you come now, why do you come ah 55555 УGirls still crying,Dwight Howard Shoes, angry, said. He held her tightly and let her cry. He suddenly felt this moment, his heart has never been quiet, as if back to the past, not disturbed and confused, now, he has a past, he has all, this is his world.

УI have a boyfriend, my mother asked me to marry at my house, her old, I need to take care of her, why did you come to ah you, 5555 I hate you, why would you come to ah 555 555 555. УHis throat blocked as to what, say what they can not tell, his head leaning gently on her shoulder, he was dripping with tears again, he closed his eyes, the whole world is dark, he was What is not known. Just to feel that he is holding, that the familiar body, and now the whole world, leaving him and girl.

УBaby, I tired ah! can give me a break you? У

hand rubbed her tears, took him to a hotel. Boys to girls took, had been in the back, came secretly to prepare good things, into a pants pocket.

he took off his jacket and shoes, lying on hotels that spotless, white bed, she accompanied him! He helped her inviting quilt, quilt behind her in her body under pressure, then quilt around the neck volume down, not let her to the cold with. The previous winter, when he slept to do so, this is his familiar moves, while the tears that he is accomplished. They lay on the side of this face to face, watching each other, for a long time .

УBaby, hold me?Ф he said to the girls head by his chest, bow with his hand on his chest and let her hug him, as he holds her as before. Now, he nestled in her arms, like broken up. He could feel her heart beat, the frequency of his familiar, that the warmth from her body, there was a light body fragrance, once belong to him, maybe tomorrow, his favorite, he loves the most MM, will become someone elseТs bride.

why their loved one, can not themselves together? God ah!

Уa year, I did not mind that day as now it can be quiet. baby. You hold me. УHe tears from his hip pocket and took out the Е.. just bought to the knife, blade steel Baifa Liang, careful, Push across his right wrist, he could feel a surge of warm liquid in the outflow , and then he gently put his hand behind him.

boy looked up, tears, reluctantly watching his MM, were planted to a low, murmured: УBaby, IТm tired, hold me, let me sleep a moment, please? I have not slept so peaceful in his sleep, and sleep for a while, okay? baby, hold me baby, I cold. . . . . . У

Ф En! YouТre my The Baby Bear. УShe forced a hold of his.

Ф Baby, kiss me, Уthe last boy looked up, smiled, looked at his loved one, or two drops of tears running down that piece a little vicissitudes, haggard face fell.

Уsnapped! be all right?Ф affectionate girl kissed his forehead, while tears are dropping.

he met laugh! Gently bowed his head, then pour in just her bosom.

Уsleep!Ф stop the dropping of her tears had been dropping, falls on his head, fell on his thick hair, gone.

УGrace! wake up, see, baby!Ф He could not see his tears, his eyes closed, he could not see his tears,lebron shoes on sale, his tears all her clothes invasion, invasion of wet her clothes.

She looked at him lying in his arms, her favorite person, his hand gently brushed his thick hair, kissing his forehead,nike basketball shoes, his face to Cengceng his face. She knows that once she was asleep, he is such a kiss to her, he is so Cengzhuo her face how much he is attached to itself. Her thoughts suddenly back to the past, the past is how good ah! But now, he never hadЕЕ.

his body slowly cools, is almost becoming a bit cold. We are also just as he previously did, to the other cover quilt, and then he kissed me, holding me this way, nestled in the slowly fall asleep, so beautiful.

her hand out behind him, most want to love him, quilt cover, as used to be. Her face a lot of attention as usual, smile, happy smile, like a little girl happy, shy smile. When she was a little girl in love. Her face, thrown to the past as the flush.

how he is a wet-behind? MengТs what her surprise lifted the quilt, turn up to. He rolled from her arms, tilted Shuidao in bed, hands open, right hand pressed that the knife was full of blood, the sheet is a large blood invasion.

УWhat are you doing ah! how do you do such a stupid ah! Baby Bear , What are you doing ah! УShe burst into a cry, shout up.

Ф Winnie, you up ah! Well you do not scare me any better! Уshe forcefully pull him, with blood in her hands , forced to shoot his face, shaking him, and he eyes, still suffused with tears that have not dried.

УWhat are you doing ah! you up ah okay! Do not scare me 5555555555 do not O death ! IТm your baby ah ah Do not you scare me up 5555 У

her rock him, heТs opened his eyes slightly, but he could see nothing, tears blurred his eyes, he forced the blink of the eyes and under the open, looking at her, УI fell asleep, why do you call me up ah! baby, IТm so tired ah! cold, holding my baby.Ф

УDo not O death! Winnie the 55,555, Уshe sat up and hug him.

Ф IТm a doctor. УWhat comes to mind as suddenly, she brought from the bedside phone. She was a hand holding him, lest she let go, he will leave, like her!

УMM! I can not afford, do not you lonely life.Ф

УYou do not say! doctors what is coming! I used a rope tied to your hand, first help you stop the bleeding. УShe looked at him holding him, tears all fell into his face, dropped his lips, salty.Ф Why are you stupid ah! У

She grabbed his bleeding hand it on the chest, while shaking him,nike zoom kobe iv for sale, УDo not die, OK, I beg of you.Ф

УMM, I dream, I am reborn into a tree! How big a tree ah! you must be in my side Oh! know? else that I went to find you, ah! У

Ф No, you will not die, we all got married, OK? I never leave you Baby Bear. Ф face, she cried all the tears, do not rub more urgent, УHello, we got married so no one can separate us,air jordan 2010 shoes for sale, not the.Ф

him that it had lifted his hard hand on her chest, rubbing his full force to help her face of tears, her hands still tightly holding his wrist.

He looked at her, and that his favorite people, УMM! you say, the fall will come back you?Ф

УIТll always be your little baby, so hello, we got married, uh, do not leave me Baby Bear. WeТve been married, never separated. we get marriedФ

Уmarried you?Ф

УGrace! married! us get married.Ф

Уmarried?Ф he saith in her arms, eyes looked up infinite expectations, but also to his feet and looked affectionately MM, Уnext time! OK? MM! Е next Е times ЕФ

finish to close your eyes and never woke up. Hand sank on chest, smiling, always smiling. The last tear flow from the pan over the eyes out along the face, and slowly slide slideЕ.. He dreamed that he was holding his beloved MM, towards a large deep in the forests around, ran and ran and! They laughed loudly , his back had been watching his little MM, his little baby, or his former baby, love him and that attachment to his baby, a sweet smile at him, her is a happy girl, always happy to look at him with a smile, she was his little girl in love. They ran and ran and

has been the run, nobody can find them, they come to a nobody who can find their place.

how many how many secular cut affinity,

into how many how many Food of Love 2 love and resentment! How many secular

how many pull another random red line?

secular why bother embarrassing Ц red 2 Soul!

read must be reproduced Oh Otherwise you will not happy, I wish you people who read, can you love together, forever forever Е.

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